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Featuring Custom Model Horses
Resculpted and Painted by Janice Williford

“And God took a handful of Southerly wind,
blew his breath over it
and created the horse.”

Bedouin Legend

Wee Wyakin Sculpted by Michelle Platt and painted by hand in acrylics, June 2010. 100% donation to TIBBP to help real horses in need.

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

Cecil Frances Alexander,
1818 - 1895

Custom Breyer G1 Stablemate TB Foal to Stretching Colt. All resculpting done using Aves Apoxie Sculpt and handpainted in acrylics, April 2010.

TIBBP logo and banner designed by Thérèse Wolmer of
Décor Studios, Sweden.

"They say if you want to see a miracle, BE one."

Deb Buckler, Spring 2007

The International Blessed Broodmare Project (TIBBP) was founded on March 7th of 2007 by Deb Buckler of Resins By Randy. Deb sent out a call to the wonderful people who were part of her Resins By Randy Yahoo Group, pleading for help to rescue 20 PMU Draft Cross foals that were heading to slaughter in Canada. Having adopted a PMU Draft Cross colt in November of 2006, whom they named Indigo Blue, and realizing what a WONDERFUL addition to their family he was, Deb could not bear to see these colts go to slaughter without a fight. This was the start of an amazing feat made possible through the Model Horse Hobby. To date, TIBBP has helped over 200 PMU horses find loving homes, and is continuing to help various other Horse Rescue Agencies around the world with funding. See also The International Blessed Broodmare Project Yahoo Group.

It is the goal of The International Blessed Broodmare Project to help end the slaughter and the inhumane treatment of horses worldwide. TIBBP hopes to do this by supporting laws that end slaughter and that help to create alternatives to shipping US horses to other countries as food: through word of mouth about horses in need; by supporting Horse Rescues with donations for adoptions, vet care and feed; and by promoting awareness of what to expect when adopting a horse—that it requires money for food, regular vet checkups, hoof and dental care—and that once your horse can no longer be ridden or cared for a HUMANE decision needs to be made about his future care. We also hope to help find places for people to humanely euthanize their pets and horse-friends.

TIBBP is currently involved with these rescues (and several others with no websites):

Miracle Horse Rescue, Inc - Dedicated to helping older unwanted, abused and neglected horses live out their lives in a safe haven. They have also opened their doors and adopted several pregnant PMU Mares.

United In Light Draft Horse Sanctuary - They have taken in unwanted, abused and neglected Draft horses to live out their lives in Draft Horse Heaven in Montana.

Horse Plus Humane Society - Dedicated to helping the unwanted horses and ponies that get dumped at feedlots and who end up heading to Mexico for the horrible fate of slaughter for consumption. Horse Plus is also working towards ending the shipping of US horses out of the United States to slaughter in other foreign Countries.

Spring Creek Horse Rescue

The Last Chance Corral

Bit O Heaven Ranch

Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

Other rescues, not horse-related:

Wolf Haven

TIBBP is accepting donation items valued at $25 or more as 100% donations. 100% of all proceeds from sales of donated items will go to one of the above mentioned Rescues, or to any new possible rescues we begin to support. We check out all rescues before donating to be sure their goals are the same as ours, and that they are legitimate and above board rescues. Any help you can supply is MUCH appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read about us; if you have questions, please feel free to contact me! Janice Williford—wistfuldreams@earthlink.net.

PLEASE READ! With hay shortages and job layoffs across the USA, dog, cat and horse rescues are filling fast with animals whose owners can no longer afford to feed them; and they are stretched to the max right now. With winter approaching, these rescues are scrambling to find enough feed, vet care and shelters for these animals. If you have any extra cash, please consider donating to your local Humane Society, ASPCA, or Horse Rescue. Even $5 right now will help! Also, if you are a BREEDER of dogs, cats or horses, please consider holding off on your breeding programs during this time to help lessen the burden of unwanted animals and needless euthanasia and slaughter in the market. Again, thank you for your time.


Hello, I am sorry to say that I am no longer accepting commissions at this time. The commissions have crept into my family time; and while I enjoy doing the work, that cannot continue, as my family is much more important to me than the money and the work! Keep an eye to my eBay site for future auctions, as all my stuff for sale will be posted to eBay! Thanks for visiting! Janice Williford

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